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Sankei International and Sankei Australia have successfully and sastified a number of our customers around the world by printing top quality tenuguis for their club and competition use.

If you want to order customised tenugui, then you have come to the right place.  To order the tenugui, we first need to ask for your patience and be prepared well a head of time to place the order.

The procedures are:

Step 1:  Customer sends Sankei International their proposed design.  The design must meet the following criterias:

  • Colors must be distinct it can't have gradient shadows/colors.
  • Letters and numbers must be at least 1cm x 1cm or larger else it can't be printed.
  • Keep the design simple and not overly complicated with detail designs because we are printing on fabric, the tenugui is dyed.
  • We can't accept photo images.
  • The files of the design must be a high quality .jpg file to illuistrator vector file.

Step 2:  Sankei International reviews your design and confirm if it can be printed or not.

  • Yes, we move to step 3
  • No, we repeat step 1

Step 3:  Sankei International will present you with a quotation for a minimum order of 50 pcs, created in the customer's online account, and we will wait for the customer to approve and make payment.  If the customer does not have an account with us, they must create one at this step if they accept in order to move to step 4.  There will be no cancellation beyond this point.

Step 4:  Once payment is accepted, your order will be created in the system.  Sankei International will commence creating the tenugui.

Step 5:  Please wait for 30 days for the tenugui process to be completed.  For higher volumes, we may ask for more time.

Step 6:  Tenugui is completed, we confirm the delivery address with customer and send the order to you.

Contact us today and see what we can do for you. :)


[Example Tenugui printed by Sankei International]

UMKC Tenugui design

Sankei International Tenugui print.


Design point 1 - All wording must be 1cm or bigger.

Design point 2 - Complexity of the Logo.

Design point 3 - Apart from the background, the individual colors, if more than one should be separated so the edges do not mix.

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