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Welcome to our FAQ where you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions.  If we don't answer your questions, please contact us and send us your individual questions and our customer support will help you out.

Placing an order

Q:  Why does the unit price change or have a (unit price) for some items when I order multiple quantity of them?

All total prices it is converted from the total in Japanese Yen into the selected currency.  The unit price is always calculated from total price after conversion divided by the quantities.  From the conversion, sometimes the unit price will display more than two decimal places for some currencies after division.  The price in round brackets if displayed is the unit price rounded off to the two decimal points for the selected currency, and is for the customer's reference only.  The total price will be the price that will be charged to the shopping cart.

Q:  If I send an enquiry, how long will it take to get a response?

Some may say, you would not know unless you actually sent an enquiry yourself right?  Well, usually when a customer sends us an enquiry, we will reply to the customer with a response time within the 24 ~ 48 hours window period.  There are times where it could be 5 minutes if the question is relatively easy to answer.  We will do our best to respond to your request within a reasonable turn around time, and if we need more time to confirm then we will let you know.  We believe communication is the key and managing your expectations should always be our top priority.

Q:  How do I find out about the shipping cost?

A:  If you are a registered member, all you need to do is click on the checkout button and it will take you to the checkout page confirmation where the shipping cost will be displayed.  If you are currently not a member, then you will need to create an account to view the shipping cost.

Q:  How long does it take for the shipping to arrive?

A:  Usually when an order is dispatched it will take about 3 ~ 5 business days for it to leave Japan and arrive in your country.  However, you must take into consideration that your local customs might take some time to process your order before releasing it to your local post office to be delivered to you.  Please note, the 3 ~ 5 business days does not include preparing your order and this can take up to a few days to weeks depending on what you have ordered for example a customised Keikogi or Hakama will take more than a week to prepare before being dispatched.

Q:  My order is urgent!  Please send my order straight away, can you?

When ordering from Sankei International, please plan well ahead as we prefer to manage your order right and send it to you error free without any mistakes.  Hence if you have an urgent request and needs your order to be sent as soon as possible and within a specific tight time frame, should you choose to order from Sankei International, then we can not be liable if the order arrives later than you expected.  We can not promise you that your order will arrive in time becasue we do not control the thrid party supply chain delivery services.  Hence please be patience and plan ahead when you order from us.

Q:  I have an order that has the status "Incomplete payment/pending", what does that mean?

A:  An order can have these status under the two following conditions.

  1. When a customer has decided to checkout an order but changed his/her mind during the payment stage.  These temporary orders will be deleted within 24 ~ 48 hours.  
  2. When a customer has decided to checkout and completed an order but accidentally closed the browser before completing the whole ordering process due to human error or technical issues (e.g. blackout, automatic reset of PC during update).  These orders will have payment confirmations and will be pushed through the system and completed within 24 ~ 48 hours.

Q:  My order was incomplete, I accidentally close the browser window after I made the payment via PayPal, what should I do?

A:  Do not worry, all orders are captured along the way.  If you accidentally closed the browser after you completed the PayPal payment, we will be notified, and your order will still be completed, and put through the system in the next 24 ~ 48 hours.  Your order status will be changed from status changed from "Payment incomplete" to "Payment received/confirmed". Contact us if you are worried and we can assure you everything is O.K.

Q:  After I have placed my order, my status is by default set to "Confirming/Waiting for payment", how long will it take to have it cleared?

A:  Every order that is placed online and after payment has been made will have the status "Confirming/Waiting for payment" because Sankei International performs an extra layer of payment check/confirmation to ensure all payments are made by the buyer themselves.  If the buyer and payer details are different or suspicious, then we may contact the buyer for payment confirmation.  This will cause delays in preparing and dispatching of your order.  Hence please ensure if someone else is paying for your order you received the authority from them to do so.

Q:  Can I add additional items to an existing order?

A:  Once an order is placed, you can't add any additional items to it, we will require you to make an additional order.  We know this can be an inconvenience so please make sure you have ordered everything before confirming your order.

Q:  After receiving my order, I realised I have provided the wrong measurements and the itmes (MEN, KOTE, DO, TARE, Keiko Gi, and/or Hakame) does not fit.

A:  Unfortunately if the customer realised he/she has provided the wrong measurements after receiving the order items, the items can not be returned and replaced.  The customer must purchase the replacement item as the incorrect information was provided by the customer.  Hence it is always very important to double check your measurements when placing an order, and always send us images of your measurements even when it is optional.  Sankei International respects your personal information and will handle it with the strictest confidence.


Q:  What payment do you accept?

A:  We use PayPal to accept all order payments, and PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

Q:  If I don't have a credit card can I still order?

A:  If you don't have a credit card you can still place an order with us.  What you need to do is:

  1. Take a screenshot of the order confirmation page where it shows your order details, and
  2. Then click on "checkout" and take a screenshot of the PayPal screen with the order total and shipping cost.

Send the two screenshot to us, and we will send you the payment instructions.  Please note that this method will take sometime to process and you will need to cover any transfer cost incurred or charged by your bank.

Keikogi & Hakama

Q:  What does the Hakama #8800 and #11000 mean?

A:  The #8800 and the #11000 on the Hakama refers to the size and number of threads per square inch.  Where technically the strands are two stands wound together, and the #value represents the density.  An easy way to describe the difference is a Hakama with #8800 will keep its shape and maintains its pleats well, and it will hang well and stays soft.  A Hakama with #11000 will have a tighter weave of fine thread which will make the fabric smooth and sturdy while providing the ultimate in softness and comfort.  It will give the best appearance and comfort.

Q:  Japanese Aizome (Kanji - 藍染) Indigo Dye explained.

A:  "Aizome" is Indigo Dye in Japanese, it is a natural dye process that has been around in Japan for many centuries using natural materials.  A lot of the Gi and Hakama gets its color from Indigo Dye process.  The color that is produced is often referred to as "Indigo Blue", however, customer must be aware that in Japanese when referring to Indigo Blue they are many types.  Depending on the process, to the eye it can appear dark blue, or dark purple depending on indigo process but looks the same under certain lighting.  Both process will create beautiful Gi and Hakama and acceptable for us in Kendo.  If you have a particular preference, and sometimes if not most often, it is difficult to tell from a photo, please ask.

Technical issues

Q: I am getting the "Confirmation password does not match the password" when checking out.

A: Some customers form time to time may experience "Confirmation password does not match the password" error.  If you are experiencing this error please do the following.

  • Clear all your recent browser cache, exit browser, and log back in, or

  • Exit the Browser, and log back in using "Incognito mode", or

  • Use a different browser.

If the issue persists, please contact us.

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