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Koto [HK-13] 38 Kotou (Ittou Sai)
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Shipping & Returns

Sankei International (Sankei Australia in Australia) take online orders on behalf of Sankei Co. Ltd via our website

The equipment supplier of is:

Company: Sankei Co. Ltd

Address: 1-1 Ogawa-Machi, Isahaya, Nagasaki, Japan 854-0053

All products are shipped directly from Sankei Co. Ltd in Japan to the customer once an order is placed. Sankei International accept all internatioal orders. Below is our terms and conditions in regards to shipping and returns which all customers must read before purchasing from us.

1. Shipping

1.1 The delivery charges is bases on Sankei International's cost per weight table, and will not accept the cost table provided by other delivery companies.
1.2 The customer cannot request which delivery company to be used for their order.
1.3 The delivery company to be used for each order is decided by Sankei International.
1.4 All delivery cost and product prices are subject to change without notice.
1.5 Sankei International will not be held responsible if the customer fails to pick the orders upon arrival.
1.6 Once the order is place under the care of a delivery company it becomes the responsibility of the delivery company, and Sankei International will help assist any enquiries in regards to the delivery but will not be held responsible for any loses.
1.7 If a customer fails to pick up an order, and the package is returned to the factory, the customer will need to pay for the second delivery and any delivery after.
1.8 Sankei International will only pay for shipping of missing items in an order, or where the missing items is due to an issue arise in our factory before delivery.
1.9 It is the customer's responsibility to notify Sankei International of any change of delivery address before a delivery of an order through our website, and Sankei International will not be responsible if orders are delivered to the wrong address.
1.10 Sankei International will not accept any change of address via phone or email, the change of address will only be accepted when the customer enters a new address or updates an existing address from the customer administration page.

2. Returns

2.1 In exchange of a faulty product, the returns cost of the faulty product to the factory will be paid by the customer and Sankei International will pay for the delivery cost of the exchanged product from the factory to the customer.
2.2 No refund will be given to a customer if they change their mind in regards to an order.
2.3 Refunds will only be accepted if the product is faulty, and the damages are due to an issue that has occurred in our company before delivery.
2.4 Refund will only be paid until the faulty goods is returned to our factory and inspected by a staff of Sankei Co. Ltd.
2.5 Sankei International will not pay for the cost of delivery for the return of faulty goods.

3. Uncollected and returned orders

3.1 In the case that an order was returned as the customer failed to pick it up, the customer needs to be responsible and contact Sankei International, and the customer will need to pay for the second shipping of the items.
3.2 Sankei International will attempt to contact the customer should we received a response from the customer but it is not our responsibility to successfully reach the customer through any forms of communication.
3.3 Orders that is uncollected and returned to Sankei International, the orders will automatically be cancelled after 12 week of it being returned and received, and the customer shall receive no refund or credit for the cancellation.
3.4 Orders that is uncollected and returned to Sankei International, and has been cancelled according to article 3.3, the customer must place a new order.


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