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5.0mm Diagonal Machine Stitched Bogu - GS5 [GS5-01]
5.0mm Diagonal Machine Stitched Bogu - GS5 [GS5-01]
 JPY ¥115,500 JPY ¥98,175 
[LG-3] - 39 Osodashi Kura (Gold) [Thin Straight, Well Smoked]  JPY ¥12,915  JPY ¥11,915 




Many customers have been asking if Sankei could make old-fashioned soot Shinai. Initially we were trying to make it with materials that customers sent us, however the oil of bamboo deteriorated to quick and became fragile and broke easily because it was too dry which made it too dangerous to be used. Sankei did, however try our best to meet our customer's request. Even though it took a long time, we did not give up and finally we were successful in making the legendary Shinai. It had no problems with being fragile, and has now become our masterpiece.

NOTE: This Shinai is made upon Order, the process of preparation can easily be influence by the weather in Japan. The Osodashi range of Legend of Sword Shinai can take up to 3 month to complete and will delay you from receiving other items included in your Order.



The Legend of Sword "Well Smoked" Osodashi Kura (Extended smoking period - Gold) series.
  • This Shinai is well smoked for a period of 3 ~ 5 days where it becomes very firm and well balanced. This is indeed Sankei's masterpiece!! The extended smoking period gives the shinai a darker color.
  • This Shinai will take about 1 to 2 month to complete. As the bamboo needs to dry and set. When customers order The Legend of Sword series Sankei Interntaional will like to ask for your patience.
  • This shinai has a straight thin body, and hence the center of gravity is closer to the center of the between the Tsuka (handle) and the Kensaki (tip of the Shiai).



General information

The Legend of Sword Shinai is one of the most detailed and most well crafted Shinai by Sankei, some Kendoka purchase it purely for elegant display. The Legend of Sword is perfect for gifts and you will definitely receive attention when using it during training.




  • By default the Shinai is bamboo only, please select the options for assembly features.


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This product was added to our catalog on 02/04/2006.
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