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ZEN Shinai Set: 2 x Jissen Gata [HK-05] 39 Short Grip (Ashura) + 1 Free 39 Namisei Shinai  JPY ¥13,000 
RRP: JPY ¥17,000
 Our Price: JPY ¥13,000
You Save (Off RRP): JPY ¥4,000 (24%)



Purchase 2 Jissen Gata - Short Grip (Ashura) and get 1 Namisei Shinai for FREE.

The Short Grip (Ashura) Shinai is great for Kendoka who prefers speed. The short Grip Shinai is the secret to fast, and quick snapping Waza. Purchase a 2 x Ashura Shinai and get 1 Normal Namisei Shinai for free.



The Keichiku Shinai, made of Keichiku bamboo is of a less quality compare to the Madake. Keichiku compared to the Madake is more widely available in locations of Asia. Keichiku are usually a lot younger and the composition of the alignment of the tiny grains in the bamboo are less fine compare to the Madake. Most of the Shinais that are sold a majority are Keichiku Shinai because it can still hold quality compare to the cost of a Madake Shinai. Like the Madake, Keichiku Shinai from Sankei are made of the top percentile of each seasonal harvest, and this is what distinguishes Sankei Keichiku from the rest. With Sankei’s Keichiku Shinai, you can still get the quality and value in return to bring out the best of your Kendo.




Jissen Gata class Shinai is known for a thick Haribushi (body of the shinai) and thin Kensaki (tip). This shifts the center of balance of the Shinai towards the Tsuka (Handle), and give the Shinai a sense of weightlessness as the Shinai sits comfortably in your grip.

Bamboo: Keichiku

Shinai Type: Wide Haribushi and Thin Kensaki

Handle Type: Short Tsuka (handle), 37" size tsukagawa fitting only.

Tsuka Diameter (End): 26mm (Male)

Tsuba Size: L (Male) / M (Female)


General information

The Ashura, is a Shinai which has a shorter Tsuka (handle) compare with other normal Shinai. Generally used by Kendoka who has a shorter reach with their arms so it can help them gain more speed and form.



- By default the Shinai is bamboo only. For fully assembled Shinai, make sure the right length tsukagawa is fitted for you.

- Oil treated for longer lasting life span of its use.

- Female weight not available. (NOTE: For this size only, for female use, the weight of the shinai will be the same as the male)

Free Namisei Shinai

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Current Reviews: 1 This product was added to our catalog on 10/03/2017.
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